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God is good (all the time). I recently applied for a job that I didn’t get, but got rave reviews from the interview panel.  I could take that one of two ways – 1) I could be discouraged or 2) I could be excited.  I’m excited.  The interview exposed me to a new group that … Continue reading


Sometimes life outside of fashion may filter into this space.  I have several blogs on my favorite things – food, fashion, life, and weight loss – but I’m busy and I’m going to just put it here. 🙂 Let’s talk food.  I am trying to lose weight and lower my cholesterol – per doctor’s orders, … Continue reading


I’ve decided to become a Nordstrom devotee.  I constantly stalk their website and it’s high time I give in and just buy the stuff.  I have always purchased shoes from Nordstrom, but I just kind of window shopped the clothes.  I don’t know if it was department store overload (I’m no good at shopping department … Continue reading

Fantasy Shopping

Because I can’t 1) lose weight and 2) save money, I will just indulge in a little fantasy shopping.  Can anyone justify these Nordstrom purchases for me?  🙂 Black Cape Cashmere v-neck boyfriend cardigan Cashmere v-neck sweater Marc Jacobs watch (for summer!) *I won’t even start on Anthropologie today*  The lesson for today is always … Continue reading

2012 Clean-Out Checklist

This is why I love Pinterest.  Somebody is out there thinking about the same stuff!  lol From Mimi + Meg.  Such a gift to share this treasure with us!

Getting it together

Since I moved in my home in 2003, my closets have been the bane of my existence.  I have tons of closet space compared to my apartment and that has created an organizational nightmare for me. (Not my closet) You’d think more space would be a blessing, but it’s been a problem for me since … Continue reading

Hello world!

Finally!  A place I can call home.  A space to fill with all my fashion thoughts, wants, and dreams. 🙂 I can’t wait to get started!