I think I finally figured it out

Women can’t dress like they want to – lack of shirts.  I’m not sure who is out there doing the designing, but they definitely don’t appreciate a nice, classic top for women folks.

I don’t mean a shell which requires a cardigan or jacket.

I definitely don’t mean shiny, gaudy stuff you can’t wear outside of a night club.

I mean a nice blouse or shirt priced in a middle range so that us working women can get dressed in the morning!

Generally speaking, beautiful, classic blouses can be found in higher end lines….at higher end prices, but try to buy something at a mid-price or lower range and you get all these wonky colors and prints…just bs that nobody in their right mind should want to wear.  I mean really.  If the hot colors for summer are coral, turquoise, white, or plum – make a daggone top that hits on ONE of these colors – maybe two.  I don’t need a 1970s Superfly top!

I just need a nice classic button down (sized 0-at least 20! Think average women please!).

I need a nice blouse with a tie or ruffles.

I need a nice short sleeve top…a nice dolman sleeve…none of that fat girl arm length (3/4 length)!  Who invented that anyway?!?

Get the gist?


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