Fashion Goal

My fashion goal for the rest of the year to wear everything in my closet.  I mean every single item.  Anything I don’t wear will have to go.

I buy some amazing pieces, but they remain nothing but pieces because I don’t often take the time to pull them together.  Or worse, they are just beautiful things that have no realistic place in my closet.  My style preference is classic with an accent.  I love nothing more than a basic look jazzed up with a shoe, scarf, earring, or necklace.  It gives me comfort to not stand out too much.  I’d rather take them by surprise with an unexpectedly cool watch or classic, but on trend earring.  I don’t want to be the loud girl in the room – just the one everybody wishes their style could capture – a timeless, classic, but hint of trend look.

So, back to my point.  I’ve got to get it together.  Today I’m wearing a blue silk blouse and khaki slacks, with a brown wedge sandal, and filigree disk earrings.  All pieces I love, but have never worn  to work.  How sad.  Time to be me every day, not just when going out on the town.


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